Alexander Krull: “Excellent chemistry between team and Elina!”

In April 2016, Liv Kristine was expelled from Leaves’ Eyes in scandalous conditions. Controversial statements appeared both on the band and on Liv. But so many were sure: Alex and Liv, who have been married since 2003 and have a 15-year-old son, divorced in 2015. The team claimed that Liv had wanted to leave the band that year, but the Norwegian-born beauty betrayed everything happened behind her back. Alex’s announcement was that the singer participated in his successor in the selection of Finnish Elina Siirala, but Liv denied this.

Nobody knows what the truth is, but the new album of the band came on the shelves of the stores on Friday January 12th, with the title Sign Of The Dragonhead. The title song, Across The Sea and Jomsborg have been listen and watch by the band as a taste from the album.


“I’m happy that Elina is our singer, she has done a great job in the studio, and the chemistry between her and the team is great, and she would not have gone without it!” It was just as wonderful as Elina sang the vocals, perfectly suits her songs. this is what we talked recently in the tourbus that >> Yes, we did it! << “

-said the musician, and Elina laughed, added:

“I’ve got a horse, which I can ride!”


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