Aleah Starbridge’s flame burns forever in her solo album, ‘Aleah’!

July 1st will be forever memorable among Aleah fans.
Not only because their favorite singer was born on this day in 1976, but also because Aleah’s solo album will be released on this day in 2020 via Svart Records.


Aleah’s career began in 2007 when she received an invitation from Krister Linder, to whom she sang in the song Don’t Loose Your Way.

In 2009, she met Juha Raivio, the songwriter and guitarist of Swallow the Sun.
Together they launched the band Trees of Eternity, whose only record was released unfortunately after Aleah’s passing.

During the recordings, Aleah also featured in several Swallow the Sun songs.
Such was e.g. Lights on the Lake or Heartstrings Shattering.
But she was also featured in the Cathedral Walls video clip.
In 2010-2011, she even performed with the band.
In 2015, she contributed in the song White Night on Amorphis’ album Under the Red Cloud.
Unfortunately, on April 18 2016, the Nightingale closed her eyes forever. The serious illness defeated her body.

Her spirit, wonderful voice and her songs will stay with us forever.

Her first release, Demo Masters, which was made back in 2007, with some of her songs released at the time, which have now been finalized on the solo album.

Such as e.g. the album’s opening song, Vapour, in which Aleah immediately enchants the listener.
Every little little melody and sound is delicate and graceful.

“Silent kisses on my neck
though the veils you have come
burning up my last defense
as we merge into one
shining vapour I become
hold me closer as I rise
we dissolve into one.”

The other song, My Will is a magic in every taste.
One of Aleah’s most beautiful songs is a very peaceful song, but it carries a strong message.

The beautiful lyrics and sayings guide the listener into a heavenly world.

“Guide me home
to where I know
my own throne
and my will
is my own.”

In the acoustic version of the song, Aleah’s whispering voice and the harmony of the acoustic guitar makes the song a true masterpiece that enchants and captivates everyone.

The next song, Sacrifice, starring Aleah’s close girlfriend Anilah.
The song conjures a real oriental sound in front of the listener.

The song also features Aleah’s unconditional love for horses.
Just like in the lyric video which was made for the song.

In the Closing Under Pressure, instead of peaceful voices, Aleah shows her stronger side.
It strikes a much more energetic sound in the song, while remaining subtle. We can hear a very enthusiastic and powerful song.

The first half of the album ends with a light song, Touch My Face.
This is a nice ending to the first album.
It creates an authentic atmosphere for the listener.

The second half of the album features a song that was one of Aleah’s last song which she ever wrote.
This is the Inverted Enlightenment, which is also a miracle.

The song is about a reverse enlightenment that brings tears out of every listener’s eyes.

The closing song of the second half of the album is a truly blessed song with world music influences.

This is Breathe, which will also be the next single.
The song will be released on July 1st, the day when the album will be also released.
The song is a worthy ending to this masterpiece album.
A song with a peaceful atmosphere, blessed with wonderful melodies and authentic percussion instruments.

Aleah was a true artist, a creative genius with a great future ahead of her.

Unfortunately, life has taken away from her the opportunity to show us more from her talent.

But what she has created during her life will remain until the end of time.

Her flame will continue to burn and her spirit will live forever.
We carry the flame and ask you, please carry it you too.

I recommend the album to anyone who loves Aleah and as well the special music trips.
You will not be disappointed with this record.
An authentic journey into the world of real music.

Pre-order the album, “Aleah” through Svart Records or Bandcamp!

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Ranking: 10/10

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