Album Description: Oceans of Slumber-The Banished Heart

On the second day of March, under the supervision of Century Media, threw the band their new album, The Banished Heart, on the store shelves. The band talked about that earlier:

“We are only trying to create “real” acting music, but this time we discovered new depths and we were submerged in the soul of ourselves to find what was unknown to us and to bring it to the surface. Sometimes in life there is a need for places where you can hide where you can take on the mask of denial … But not in this case … Because we have now decided to remain for us an awkward and alarming place and there discover the darkness, emptiness and hope routes; for ourselves, but for everyone who has ever turned in such a severe spiritual darkness.”


About the team we must know that it is difficult to define genres. They include both doomed, gothic, prog and even death metal elements, while Cammie Gilbert, the exotic singer’s vocals, perfectly accompanies to all solutions.

In the title song of the album, there is all the pain of the world, but it is not bored by the team, with crying guitars and so on. Pain from the depths of the soul can hardly be expressed in words, but Cammie’s have been solved so that the student can fully feel it. The other piece is The Decay Of Disregard, which starts with a sad piano game and continues with guitars reminiscent of Early Years of The Gathering. Hard drums, soft singing, immense amount of emotion.

Also a videoclip song is No Color, No Light, featured by Swedish Evergrey frontman Tom S. Englund. The co-operation is also a great signal of the growing European recognition of Cammie, and they will be one of the guests at the Epica’s 1000th concert on 14 April in Tilburg.

Naturally, Dobber Beverly, who is responsible for the growling, is also even for you, just listen to Fleeting Vigilance and At Dawn.

The closing song, Wayfaring Stranger, represents the softer line, but the dark emotions are still coming out of it. There are two instrumental short shots on the album, The Watcher and Her In The Distance, which fit into the dark atmosphere of the album.

Oceans of Slumber stands out from the female fronted bands. Not only because of the exotic and wonderful voice of Cammie, but also because they are boldly experimenting with the various elements so that it is not a crazy stuff, but a surprising, yet lovable mix. A demanding album with sophisticated music and although it is difficult to digest for the first time, it is definitely a masterpiece. It is a remarkable continuation of the 2016 Wintern, but it goes beyond The Banished Heart.


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