Ailyn: “To work in Sirenia, you must be blind and deaf …”

The 35-year-old Spanish beauty was skipped in the summer of 2016 behind the Norwegian Sirenia microphone, replaced her with Emmanuelle Zoldan, a French chorist  of the team. In March last year, Ailyn explained to us the details of her removal, and now he interviewed the Russian Internet music magazine MetalGossip.

The singer betrayed: Although she was first disappointed with her firing, she soon recovered, working with French Melted Space, the Italian Secret Rule and filming a song with the Spanish Débler, Cuando las Estrellas Dejen de Brillar. All three teams have a good friendship with Ailyn, so the recordings and the concerts were filled with a cheerful mood.

“I’m currently working on a new material, but I still do not know whether it will be a solo album or a band, so I just enjoy the work I just start to really discover my voice and I will not close it with other musicians. there is an idea in my mind. It will certainly be a metal project, but it has not yet been cleaned. “

Ailyn wondered, who of course could not escape the questions of stripping her from Sirenia. The topic was summarized as follows:

“Honestly, to this day I do not know what happened … I just got a phone from Morten when I was no longer a member of the team.” After my mother died, I had a degree of pain that I could not sing, my voice did not work my doctor did not forbid singing, he did not say that I would never be able to stand on stage again, but only to relax for a few weeks. I also had problems with my diabetes since this disease has a great effect on emotions and sometimes it’s hard to control, I do not know what to do in Morten’s mind when he made that decision, and he tried to put it in the wrong color: he said that I did not work properly in the last 3 years, I was a member of the band for nine years. , I was always there when I needed it. It’s better to be deaf and blind when it comes to Sirenia, because Morten is often unpredictable. “

Ailyn broke her leg in 2013, but hardly got down on it, picking up her high heels, but there was an example of a vomiting and stomach pain before a concert in Russia – as it turned out it was gluten in her food and Ailyn is gluten-sensitive. Still, she stood on the stage in the evening.

“In my opinion, you simply wanted another voice, so I found a catch on me to get rid of me. It would be good if they to finish lying about me. I’m not a five-year-old girl who keeps going, but I’m getting tired of it and explaining it. Have fun with their new singer! “

-Ailyn said, who has betrayed: she considers her successor, Emma Zoldan, a good singer, despite the fact that most of the songs that heralds at the concerts are have written in her coloratura soprano voice and Emma has a mezzosoprano tone.

She expressed her opinion on the situation of a singers like Tarja, Anette Olzon, Liv Kristine, and Ailyn would like it to change and equal the singers with the male musicians. Her current favorite is Exit Eden.

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