Aeverium found their new singer

We recently reported that Aeva Maurelle, the former singer of Averium left the band. The reasons were not clear.
However, the boys did not drift, they just started looking for their new frontwoman.
They did not have to look for it for a long time, in the days they announced they found their new voice.
Their new singer is Vanessa Katakalos, who is 29-year-old half Greek woman.
The boys were looking for a singer who represents Aeva and is able to walk in her footsteps.
Vanessa has been singing in some of the coverbands including in Witchbound.
Additionally, she is EMP Model and hobby make-up artist.


Vanessa Katakalos

Vanessa’s comment:

“I’m really happy and I’m looking forward to the upcoming time with Aeverium and their gorgeous fans!!!
I already felt in love with the band since i saw the guys with Lord Of The Lost on some concerts as their supportband.
I’m soooo excited to enter the stage with the guys!”

Her premiere-gig is going to be at the Herbststurm Festival Oldenburg on 20.10.2018.
After this they will be on tour with their compadres of Lacrimas Profundere and also their hometown-show which will take place at Rockschicht in Viersen on 23.11.2018.

The guys’ comment:

“Heavy welcome, dear Vanessa!!! Great to have you on board!!!”


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