Aeva Maurelle and Aeverium are going to separate ways

The German progressive metal band, Aeverium and their singer, Aeva Maurelle, announced in a few days ago, they will continue on separate ways.
The reasons are not known, everyone are silent about that.
Aeverium wrote on their Facebook page the following words:

“Today with deep regrets we have to announce the split between AEVERIUM and Aeva Maurelle.
We are truly sad about this but we sincerely ask you all for understanding.

We’re all deeply sad about this but in the end, there are many things, needs and wishes in a life which do not fit to other important things.
The complete band took this heavy decision in totally friendship.
Thanks to all fans out there for the past 4 years full of awesomeness!” 

Aeva Maurelle also wrot the following announcement on her Facebook page:

“Dear Everyone, unfortunately I have to announce that from now on Aeverium and me are going separate ways.
THANK YOU to my boys for the unforgettable years that will forever keep us connected.
I’m very grateful for every single moment we shared on and off stage.
THANK YOU, you lovely people outside, for the amazing time and experiences, we had together.
I won’t be out of sight.
Of course I will go on with my profession as a singer and I’m very curious what is going happen in the future.”


The band was founded in 2013 and they released one EP (The Harvest, 2013) and two albums (Break Out, 2015; Time, 2017) with Aeva on vocals, accompanying male vocalist Marcel “Chubby” Romans.

The band also commented about the future:

“AEVERIUM WILL GO ON, that’s for sure!!!
We have plenty of new songs already written, we will play all upcoming shows and many things are coming up!
We’ll keep you updated soon.
We as a band (say family!) just want the best for everyone…so we wish Aeva all the best and loads of love for her professional career and of course her private future!
Thank you Aeva from the bottom of our hearts for all these unforgettable moments on stage and backstage!

In this hard times, Aeverium ask their fans for respecting their and Aeva’s privacy:

“We kindly ask all of our fans, friends and visitors for beeing polite and fair in the discussion and please keep distance for writing private mails to both parties.
Please no speculation about deeper reasons or problems, so NO fake news…we would highly deny these things from the very beginning.
Even if some of you are curious about  things…. please respect the following:
This step and this very special sad moment belong to us and we can guarantee that it’s a really heavy one….. 
😞….so please be patient and let us reappraise this case….
AEVERIUM and Aeva are keeping their friendship….we’re just going separate ways.”

Aeverium, Aeva is also familiar to fans of Xandria. She’s been performing with German symphonic metallers live ever since Dutch singer Dianne van Giersbergen left the band in 2017.

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  1. […] We recently reported that Aeva Maurelle, the former singer of Averium left the band. The reasons were not clear. However, the boys did not drift, they just started looking for their new frontwoman. They did not have to look for it for a long time, in the days they announced they found their new voice. Their new singer is Vanessa Katakalos, who is 29-year-old half Greek woman. The boys were looking for a singer who represents Aeva and is able to walk in her footsteps. Vanessa has been singing in some of the coverbands including in Witchbound. Additionally, she is EMP Model and hobby make-up artist. […]

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