Ad Infinitum revealed their debut album

Last year Melissa Bonny’s solo project, Ad Infinitum, has released two singles and signed with Napalm Records.

However, the beginning of this year also brought excitement to the band.

Yesterday, they released their latest video for Marching on Versailles.

Today, they’ve released their debut album title, album cover and tracklist too.

The album’s title is: Chapter I: Monarchy

Written by: Melissa Bonny, Niklas Müller, Adrian Thessenvitz and Jonas Asplind
Produced by Oliver Philipps
Mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen
Artwork by Nat Enemede Photography


  1. Infected Monarchy
  2. Marching on Versailles
  3. Maleficient
  4. See You in Hell
  5. I Am the Storm
  6. Fire and Ice
  7. Live Before You Die
  8. Revenge
  9. Demons
  10. Tell Me Why


  1. See you in Hell (Acoustic)
  2. Tell Me Why (Acoustic)
  3. Marching on Versailles (Instrumental)
  4. See you in Hell (Instrumental)
  5. This Is Halloween
Cover of the album

Melissa Bonny: Vocals
Adrian Thessenvitz: Guitars
Jonas Asplind: Bass
Niklas Müller: Drums

Pre-order “Chapter I: Monarchy” here:
Pre-save the album and singles to your streaming collection here:

The album will be out on April 3rd via Napalm Records!

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