AD Infinitum: Melissa Bonny in solo

Melissa Bonny, the Rage of Light and Evermore’s Swiss-born singer has recently been a guest of Serenity as part of the Symphonic Metal Nights.
Meanwhile, she worked on the debut album of Rage of Light and the first live shows of the band.
She has also produced his own solo project in the background, which is now being shown to the great audience.
The project’s name: Ad Infinitum

The name is in Latin it means in English: To Infinity

The debut single’ title is I Am The Storm.
The song is a metal song with a pleasing symphonic elements, for which the video was made by her friend Jonathan (Rage of Light), and shot in a forest.
The video is very beautiful and the song is percussive.
Worthy of Melissa.
Melissa’s comment:

“For a long time, I had the desire of creating an album that sounds 100% me. After many months of research and composition, I am proudly presenting Ad Infinitum!”

There is also a crowdfunding campaign for the single where you can pre-order the disc and other merchandises to help Melissa to create such a record what she always wanted.

“Ad Infinitum is a powerful mix of symphonic metal and power metal, associating with delicacy the beauty and the magic of symphonic orchestrations to the might of metal riffs. A sweet cocktail that will trasport you into a parallel universe!
Alone? Not really. I have the pleasure to collaborate with talented artists. Each of them gives a spoonful of magic to the album. Among them, Oliver Philipps, German producer known for his work with Delain, Phantasma, Imperia… And Timo Somers, guitarist of Delain!”


Please help Melissa to release her debut solo album sooner!

The debut video of Ad Infinitum you can watch here:

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