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The only Female Metal Magazine in which you can read interviews, articles, news and much more about the world of Female Metal!

Femmezin Entertainment is the new part of the Femmezin brand. This part is record label, management and event planner.

In the future we’ll arrange more events and festivals.
Below you can read our Privacy Policy and our Privacy Statement about our Entries!

Privacy Statement about our Entries!

We create and build postal content for our surfaces (Blog, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Website, etc.), all of which are our intellectual properties.
Any picture or text content, editors’ and administrators’ praise. Copying, using, or posting for any form of permission is required!
Profile pictures, cover images, picture or text contents on Facebook are subject to copyright protection. These are our intellectual properties.
Instagram’s featured materials, including the image and text contents, are subject to copyright and intellectual property rights. We have created video materials on YouTube, so they are subject to strict copyright protection.
The entire site is our intellectual property, so their use is strictly forbidden!
These content may be used, communicated, quoted or postponed by any gender only upon receipt of our written permission.
In addition, with regard to use, the manner of communication itself and its subject matter are subject to stringent clauses.
Disclosure of individual content is only possible as follows!
Translation of articles, the author of the license!
In their communication, you should mention the Source, that is, a link should be placed in the post/article that the owner, FemMeZin, points to, or should mention the author of the article, or FemMeZin itself, where the article is from.
In redistributing this article, you can only strictly quote a certain part of the article, and then place a link that points to the original content (manufactured by us).
If you have an Instagram or a Facebook post, you must mark FemMeZin in the post.

Failure to do so will result in a court case and police report!
These are governed by the Copyright Act (Act LXXVI of 1999) and the Article of the Intellectual Property Law.

You can find out about this at:

We will not disclose the details of those who register the site or the Newsletter to third parties. This is done in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act.
Any other activity is our responsibility and our shoulders.

Privacy Policy

FemMeZin (Female Metal Magazine) asks for datas from the recipients of the application on its Facebook, Instagram, Web site and WordPress and on Blog.hu (Newsletter, Site Registration).

FemMeZin does not collect any data other than filling in data fields and does not acquire any information in the registration process. To register the registrant’s data, please sign it with your registration. In the course of data processing, the personal data you enter will only be used by FemMeZin to fulfill the chosen service.

FemMeZin uses the data obtained in the registration process only for the purpose indicated therein and does not combine it with databases from other sources.

The data obtained during the registration process, except for the postal delivery of a webshop purchase, will not be transferred to any third party in any form whatsoever.

FemMeZin places small texts (so-called cookies) on the user’s computer, which makes it easier for future users to sign up for sign-ups in the registration process. Accepting cookies does not allow FemMeZin to access the user’s computer or personal information except for the information that the user decides to disclose. This procedure is strictly observed by FemMeZin. The visitor can choose whether to accept cookies. If you do not want to accept cookies, you can set your browser to notify you of the request for placement of cookies or automatically block them from being used.

FemMeZin will make every effort to keep the information contained in its possession confidential and to meet the requirements of data security, but can not take any responsibility for the disclosure of data due to a force majeure event.

Registration and management of personal data

The registration and management of personal data is governed by the Act CXII of 2011 on the right to information self-determination and freedom of information. (hereafter referred to as Info tv) and the CXIX of 1995 on the management of name and address data for research and direct marketing purposes. law.

The data entered during registration, webshop and auctions are handled by FemMeZin. The list of eligible people is our employees whose responsibilities are related to the purpose of data management for the given service.

FemMeZin records the identification and details of the data management of the Data Protection Register registered by the National Data Protection and Information Authority (hereinafter: the Authority) by written request of the Authority.
FemMeZin will disclose the recorded data from its records if the conditions for data storage in law or otherwise are no longer available.
Rights of the affected persons, remedies available:
The provisions on the rights of those concerned and the order of their enforcement are Info TV. Based on:

Applicants may apply to the data controller
a) information on the handling of his or her personal data,
b) the rectification of your personal data and
c) Deleting or blocking your personal information, except mandatory data management.

At the request of the data subject concerned, the data controller shall provide information on the data processed by him or by the data processor entrusted by him or by the data processor, the source of the data, the purpose, legal basis, duration of the data processing, the name and address of the data processor and data management related to the data protection incident, its effects and the measures taken to remedy it, and, in the case of transmission of the personal data of the person concerned, the legal basis and the addressee of the transfer.
The data controller shall provide the information in writing in the shortest possible time, at most within 25 days of the submission of the request, in an understandable form, at the request of the person concerned.

Information is free of charge if the requesting information has not yet been filed with the data controller for the same data field during the current year. In other cases, reimbursement can be made. The amount of reimbursement may also be fixed by a contract between the parties. The reimbursement of the reimbursement already paid should be refunded if the data was unlawfully handled or the request for information resulted in a correction.

The data controller is informed only by Info Info. 9 § (1) and 19 § may refuse.
In the event of denial of information, the data controller shall inform the contact in writing that the information is refused on Info TV. which provision was made. In the event of refusal of information, the data controller shall inform the data subject of the judicial remedy and of the opportunity to make contact with the National Data Protection and Information Security Authority (hereinafter referred to as “the Authority”).
If the personal data does not comply with the reality and the personal data corresponding to the reality is available to the data controller, the personal data will be corrected by the data controller.
Personal data must be deleted if

(a) its handling is unlawful;
(b) the person concerned – Info TV. As provided for in Article 14 (c);
(c) incomplete or incorrect – and this condition can not be legally remedied, provided that the termination is not excluded by law;
d) the purpose of data management has ceased or the statutory deadline for data storage has expired;
(e) has been ordered by the court or the Authority.
Info TV. In the case specified in Article 17 (2) (d), the cancellation obligation shall not apply to personal data whose media are to be kept in archives under the law on the protection of archives material.

Instead of being deleted, the data controller will block the personal data if the data subject so requests or if, on the basis of the information available to him or her, it is assumed that the deletion would harm the legitimate interests of the data subject. Personal data so locked up can only be handled as long as there is a data management target that excludes the deletion of personal data.
The data controller shall indicate the personal data he or she handles if the person concerned disputes its correctness or accuracy, but the incorrect or imprecise nature of the disputed personal data can not be clearly identified.

Inflicted on Info TV. 14-18. Law may be restricted by the law to the external and internal security of the state, such as national defense, national security, the prevention or prosecution of criminal offenses, the security of the execution of penalties, the economic or financial interest of the state or local government, and in the prevention and detection of disciplinary and ethical misconduct, labor law and labor safety breaches related to the exercise of occupations, including in all cases control and supervision, and to protect the rights of the data subject or others.
The person concerned may sue the court for violations of his or her rights. The lawsuit may be initiated by the person concerned, at his option, before the court of his place of residence or residence.

By filing a notice to the Authority, anyone may initiate an investigation on the grounds that there has been a violation of the personal data, or there is a direct danger to it. Contact the Authority: http://www.naih.hu; ugyfelszolgalat@naih.hu.


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