21st century metal Ladies!

Loudwire Magazine has compiled a list of 30 frontmen, where not only men but women also have a seat. Let’s see who among the rock and metal ladies are on the list!

25. Sharon Den Adel


From the Dutch of course, Within Temptation’s singer is a pioneer. Since 1996, she has been a frontwoman with her husband, the guitarist Robert Westerholtt, jointly founded band, they raise three common children, and Sharon’s radiation brings the deads to life. Her charisma, her special dance and her charming smile did not accidentally raise her to the most popular female performers.

19. Cristina Scabbia


From the South Line, the magazine considers the singer of the Lacuna Coil from Milan. Not in vain: At the beginning of the nineties, beyond the beginning of the twenties, Cristina started to sing, whose voice has become more and more mature over the years. Cristina is spending the age of 46 in June, but she is staring at incredible energy on stage and saying she does not want to have a baby, because she is “pregnant” with her band.

15. Tarja Turunen


At the 15th place, Northern talent has finished. As Nightwish’s face and voice, we could learn the Finnish beauty, who, after stumbling in 2005, made an incredible solo career. After several successful releases, Tarja proved that it was possible to climb from the deepest pit.

10. Angela Gossow


The last lady is the German Angela Gossow, who with her 10th place won the highest position among the singers. Angela is already not a member of Arch Enemy, but this year she wants to return to music scene with a new, extreme metal project, and she is the manager of her ex-team, in which is currently singing Alissa White-Gluz.

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