Amaranthe: Helix

New video has arrived!

Leaves’ Eyes-Night of the Ravens

New single is available everywhere!

Anna Kiraly’s Announcement

Her new projekt was born!

New single from Lacuna Coil

Check the video on YouTube!

Kobra And The Lotus-New album: Evolution

Evolution comes in September

The Mariana Hollow: New album & new single

Check the video on YouTube!

New video from ODC!

New video is on YouTube!

Lindsay Schoolcraft: Solo album in October

Martyr will be released independently!

Epica: Anniversary Edition of Design Your Universe

The new version comes in October!

Dark Element: New album in November

Songs The Night Sings is coming!

Lacuna Coil: New album in October

Black Anima is coming!

Interjúnk Baumann Eszter Annával

Nőnapon beszélgettem a művésznővel.

Kai Hahto is the permanent drummer of Nightwish

Jukka stay in the background

Ad Infinitum signed to Napalm Records

Debut album coming early next year!

Interjúnk a Dorothy zenekarral

Gyertek a Trackbe szombaton!

Break Me Down from Milan

The band currently working on their new material.

Rage of Light album & video release

The swiss trance/metal band released their first album

Alkonost from Russia

Folk metal band from Russia!

Shut up by New Year’s Day!

New album comes out at the end of April!

Pokerface’s greatest storm

New EP is coming soon!

Infected Rain signed with Napalm Records

New album is coming soon!
New video is out!

The Trigger signs with Massacre Records!

English language debut album is coming later this year!

Our interview with Pierpaolo and Lisa from Alchem

Nice conversation with the band.

Forever Still-Breathe In Colours album teaser

On March 29, 2019, the second album, Breathe In Colours, by Danish Forever Still will be released.The first single, Rew1nd, has already appeared as single and video.You can also see the track list below: You can pre-order the new album here! 1920s Soviet and futuristic decay.Watch the first album teaser


New single is out!

Rage of Light-Fallen videopremiere

The album comes out at the end of March.

The Mariana Hollow from London

New single is out!

FIDDLER’S GREEN’s finest speed folk: brand new single and video “One Fine Day”!

New video is out!

Within Temptation-Supernova

New video and the album is out now!

The Sabbathian: Occult Doom from Norway

New album is out now with a duet with Liv Kristine!

Edge of Paradise: Heavy Metal from California

New album is coming soon!

Lyria: “Don’t Try To Change Me”

New single from the band is out now!

Cellar Darling: Concept Album is on the way!

New album is coming in March!

Sorronia-New album is coming soon!

New songs are in the making!

Forever Still-Rew1nd

New album comes in the end of March!

Ireland’s DEAD LABEL: New single and video out after transformation into quartet!

New single from the quartet!

Secret Rule-Destruction

New single is out! New album is coming on January 25!

Visions of Atlantis-Words of War

New tour and new album from the band!

CHONTARAZ to set Sails: Album release on board of 70000TONS OF METAL, final Single+Video today!

It’s apocalypse on the high seas! Not only will February 1st mark the release of Chontaraz’ upcoming album Speed The Bullet, the band from Hell, Norway, will also celebrate their release aboard 70000TONS OF METAL that day, carrying off metalheads from all over the world into their ruinous realm. As a preparatory

THE TIP to wreak havoc in dozens of European clubs!

The band hit the road again!

CEILD: Last single and video before album release!

A View is out now!

Imperia-Fear Is An Illusion

New album is now pre-orderable


New video from the band!

Jinjer-New video & new EP

The band is on tour now with Amorphis and Soilwork!

Delain-Masters of Destiny

New EP comes in February!

Rage of Light-Infos about the first album!

The album comes out in March!

Veil of Mist from France

New material is coming soon!

Hydra-Symphonic Metal from Germany

Introduce new symphonic metal band from Regensburg!

All In Mind-Nu Metal from Spain

Introduce a new metal band from Granada

Sanctorium announced a new double album

Please help the band to achieve their goals!

Delain will release a new EP

The band announced their new release!

“I stopped to listening to metal years and years ago” Exclusive interview with Tatiana of Jinjer!

An untold story, an unpublished interview revealed now!

“I think when you really want something, your mind opens up…” Exclusive interview with Floor Jansen

I talked with her in Budapest during the Nightwish’s Decades Tour.

“I’ve began to sing at the age of 14-15.” Exclusice Interview with Alessia of Temperance

Very great conversation with the Italian singer!


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“My solo materials will be also metal” Exclusive interview with Melissa Bonny

The interview has made in Budapest

“Jomsborg is an epic saga”-Exclusive interview with Elina & Alex of Leaves’ Eyes

The interview has made in Barba Negra, Budapest

CHONTARAZ – Hope From The Ashes

New album coming soon!

Fiddler’s Green-This is not an anthem, this is a real rebel song!

This is not a Hymne!

Melissa Van Fleet: Dark music from the USA

Melissa has worked with Lacuna Coil

Year Rating 2018


Concert Report: Temperance/Visions of Atlantis/Serenity in Budapest

Report from Dürer Kert about Symphonic Metal Nights

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Please join us to the next level!

Video Premiere: Beyond The Black-Breeze

New video is on YouTube!

Raise Your Banner with Within Temptation

The song featured by Anders Fridén from In Flames!

Marcela Bovio’s new video

Check the video on YouTube!

Frozen Crown from Milan, Italy

I Am The Tyrant is out!

Jinjer against domestic violence

Domestic Violence is a huge problem worldwide

AD Infinitum: Melissa Bonny in solo

She introduced her solo project

Kobra And The Lotus: New video premiere and making the new album

The band soesn’t rest.

The drummer of Xerosun left the band

The band’s story continued!

The Agonist shooting their new video!

New album is coming!

Lacuna Coil 119 Show Live in London premiere

The CD/DVD is out now!

Anneke Van Giersbergen video premiere

The album comes in November 16!

Burning Witches-Open Your Mind

The album is out now!

Cellar Darling-Insomnia

New album is coming soon!

Lux In Tenebris from Dijon, France

The EP is out now!

MARA from Latvia

Modern Groove Metal from the Balkan!

EP premiere: Levinia-Liberation

Levinia is a very promising band!

Video & Album premiere: Dust In Mind-From Ashes To Flames

Album critics coming soon!

Whyzdom: Philharmonic metal from Paris

Metal with Symphonic Orchestra & Choir!

TRAGUL premiered “INSIDE THE MIRROR” official video via LEGACY

Check out the video on YouTube!

Video premiere: Kalidia-Black Sails

The second single from the new album has arrived!

Marcela Bovio: No One Is Born A Hero

The Roardin video has arrived!

Isaac Delahaye launched the College of Metal

Let’s start to learn from a Master.

Ex-Libris began to making the second chapter of Ann

The second chapter is coming soon!

Amberian Dawn re-released their 2014 song Cherish My Memory

The video is already available!

Line-up change in Visions of Atlantis

The band already announced the new male vocalist’s name.

Nightwish joined Sibelius in the Hall of Fame

Nightwish became Legend!

Nightwish to be re-release ‘End of An Era’ in December

Review the last joint show of Tarja and Nightwish again!

Epica battles with Metropole Orkest

The single is out now!

Heart of Pandora from Norway!

Cat is back!
Catherine Nyland & Pål Wasa Johansen from Mortal Love are back with new music.
Teaming up with Henning Ramseth as producer and co-songwriter.

Battle Beast announced European Tour 2019

First 33 shows are public!

Do you like Halloween? Dance with Skeletons!

Surprise song from Persona

Manuela Kraller announced her solo project

Alanae songs are on the way!

Dive Head First into the fray!

Check the new dates!

Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy: Folk metal from Czech Republic

Check them out!

ODC-An Alternative Metal Band from Paris

Check them out!

Concert Review: Leaves’ Eyes-Kamelot in Barba Negra

The show was Epic!

New Era begins for Jinjer!

The EP is coming soon!

Album premiere: Northward’s debut

The album is out now!


Check out the new song!

Sirenia’s new video has arrived

Watch the video on YouTube!

New lyric video from Amaranthe

Inferno is here!

Song premiere: Sirenia-Into The Night

The new song available only in digital format.

Symphonic album from Anneke Van Giersbergen

The album comes in November!

New video from Burning Witches: Hexenhammer

The album comes in November

Video premiere: Marcela Bovio-Scientist

The album comes in December

Video premiere: Kalidia- Frozen Throne

The album comes in November!

Nita Strauss release her first solo album

The album comes out in November

Ayreon-Into The Electric Castle Live

The shows will be held in September 2019

Tarja: Infos about the next album

Tarja teased some infos

Video premiere: Be Under Arms-Fallen Man

The song taken from their latest album!

Otep Announces a U.S. Tour

Fall Tour in the US!

Dust In Mind’s new album is pre-orderable

The album comes in October!

Aeverium found their new singer

Vanessa Katakalos is the new leadsinger of the band.

Universal Theory from Spain

The band comes from Madrid

New bands: Levinia

Melodic Metal band from LA!

Detalis about Kalidia’s new album

The album comes in November!

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